Citizenship in the UK

Posted by Herald Land
October 4, 2017 | Citizenship by Investment

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom provides a highly attractive investment prospect. Located In Western Europe, the United Kingdom offers a fantastic standard of living, with some of the world’s best free healthcare provisions and globally recognised educational institutions including both private and state schools, top universities and other high education providers.

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UK Citizenship Benefits

  • Stability and security.
  • Multi-cultural and diverse society.
  • Superior standard of education.
  • Free health care service.
  • Security of a UK passport with travel freedom.


  • Minimum investment is £2 Million for a 5 year period in either Government Bonds, shares or loan capital in UK companies.
  • You must be willing to make the UK your main home, spending a minimum of six months each year in the country to maintain your visa status.
  • You will become a UK tax payer.