Residential Property

An overview of residential property in London

In the current financial climate, where bank account interest rates are almost non-existent and savings scheme are yielding low results, buying property in the UK is becoming more and more attractive. Where better to invest than in the metropolitan and bustling city of London.

Owning London property provides investors with a wealth of benefits and returns. With ever-increasing property prices and a steady rental market, London is one of the most beneficial cities in the UK for residential property investment. If you are looking to buy property in London, you won’t be far from a solid deal.

With Brexit having initially hit the UK economy hard, everything is since on its way back to normality. However, the conversion rate of Middle Eastern currency to Pound Sterling is still extremely favourable, especially for those paying with the UAE’s Dirham, meaning your money goes a lot further than it did a couple of years ago when you buy London property.

When you buy homes in London you will find various ways you can see a return on your property investment, with the most popular being buy-to-let and buying for personal use.

Up to 20% of households in the city are being rented out to private tenants, making buy-to-let investments extremely popular in the Capital. Leasing out your private property gives a solid return on investment as rental prices in the city continue to soar much higher than mortgage payments, and are set to increase by 3% in 2017. Even if you are not renting out your London property, you will see a strong return on your investment, with property prices increasing 7% across the city in 2016.

Whatever your preference, investing in a residential property in London will provide you with a solid return and an increasing asset value. With a large amount of London property for sale, your next investment deal is closer than you think.

Investment Benefits

London provides a steady property market that increases year on year
Property prices in London grew by 7% in 2016
Private rental prices in the city will increase by 3% in 2017
Investing in the Capital city of a country is a safer bet than investing in other cities
London is ranked the top European city for property investment
The weak pound is providing foreign investors more for their money, especially for those from Middle Eastern countries.

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