The Elms

Residential Care Home in North West Leicestershire

WHY invest in a care home?

There is a surge of demand for care homes in UK because the baby-boomers (the largest age group in the UK) are now reaching their retirement age. The 85+ age group is the fastest growing demographic in the UK, all needing special and professional care, increasing by 106% by 2030.
1 in 4 people in the UK will be at retirement age by 2050. Investing in a care-home is a safe, low-risk, and guaranteed investment – the ideal opportunity.

  • 8% – 12% guaranteed net returns per annum
  • Guaranteed buy-back (3, 5, 9, 15 & 20 years)
  • Paid quarterly; Returns per annum
  • UK title deed; 250-year leasehold
  • No maintenance & ground rent
  • 2 Exit strategies available
  • Hands-off investment

The Elms is managed by RB Care Homes, whose experience stems over 30 years in managing 210 care homes across 44 different providers in the UK and Europe. It implements the highest standards of care in the UK, making it an exceptional choice for its residents and investors alike.

Pictorial gardens, multi-care specialists, masterfully embellished rooms, and picturesque surroundings; these are a few of the numerous qualities that distinguish the Butterhill Residential Care Home, keeping it always operational and in high demand. RB Care Homes is the only company in the market to offer an already-established care home as such, ready with its residents, making it the ideal option for investment.

A recession-proof investment, the buy-back option is guaranteed, and so are the exit strategies; you are guaranteed a minimum of 8% return annually – hands-off, at no extra costs: the maintenance and damages are covered by the care home.

In the area Cold homes and fuel poverty directly and indirectly impact on the health and wellbeing of citizens.

Cold-related diseases include respiratory diseases, circulatory diseases and more recently evidence from ONS suggests dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. (quote from National energy action).

According to Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group there are 2,340 people on general practice registers in Leicester with a diagnosis of dementia. This number is 88.2% of the NHS target.
In Leicester, the number of people estimated to have dementia at a given time, is around 1,835 females and 991 males aged 65 and over; giving a total of 2,826.

The majority of cases are of mild dementia (around 55%), 32% have moderate dementia and 13% severe dementia. When these proportions are applied to the Leicester population, there are 1,551 people with mild dementia, 92 with moderate and over 364 with severe dementia.

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