Phoenix Place



250 Years Leasehold


Studio’s – £57,950
En-Suite Rooms – £49,950


Cluster: 14.21 sq m
Studio: 18.62 sq m
Accessible Cluster: 22.10 sq m


September 2018


Phoenix Place will consist of a total of 348 en-suite and studio apartments split across three phases. Phoenix Place is located a mere 15 minute walk to all 5 of the universities in Liverpool. Close to bars, restaurants, supermarkets and transport links, the development offers investors a lucrative opportunity to benefit from a secure investment boasting above average returns. Prices start from just £49,950 for en-suites and £57,950 for studio apartments. Rental income is assured at 9% net for 5 years with a 5% interest on all deposits during construction.

  • 9% Net Assured for 5 years
  • 61% ROI in 5 years
  • Low Entry Levels
  • Deposit Interest
  • Hands off Investment
  • Excellent Location

Liverpool has long been a major port and known for its innovation in public health, transportation, infrastructure and social reform. With its unique attractions, exciting events, world class sport offerings, Liverpool is the ideal destination to visit, explore and invest.

The Economy of Liverpool is one of the largest within the United Kingdom, sitting at the centre of one of the two core economies within the North West of England. The city is strongly connected to global markets, with many multinationals including Barclays Wealth, Jaguar Land Rover, Maersk, Novartis and Sony. Liverpool’s £2bn wealth management sector is the largest of it’s kind outside London with a market-leading, international reputation. More and more multinationals are establishing a presence in the city there by increasing the demand for local property and services.


Thriving Local Economy
  • The fastest growing economy in the UK.
  • Property prices in Liverpool grew at a faster pace than anywhere else in the UK (Hometrack report 2016).
  • Rental prices in Liverpool are growing faster than in any other city in theUK rising by 4% each year.
  • Liverpool’s business start-up rate has risen by 56.8% since 2009 with Liverpool’s business base is growing at 6.5% (2012/13). 77% of these business’s expect to grow over the next 5 years.
Regeneration Surges Ahead
  • £3.83bn worth of development completed in Liverpool since 2010 with £747m worth of development completed since 2015 alone.
  • In excess of £1.25bn worth of development currently on site at development stage in Liverpool.
  • Over £7bn of development to occur over the next decade.
  • Notable forthcoming projects include: Liverpool 2 deep water port terminal, Liverpool Waters, New Royal Liverpool University Hospital and Health Campus (the largest hospital in Europe).
A Hub for Education
  • Over 70,000 students across 5 main universities in Liverpool.
  • Approx. 36,000 students require accommodation in Liverpool each year.
  • Each year students plough over £1bn in to the Liverpool Economy.
  • 7000 plus international students in Liverpool University alone.
Things to Do
  • A plethora of bars, restaurants and nightclubs spread right the way across Liverpool.
  • Liverpool is a city full of Museums including the World museum, Maritime Museum, and Museum of Liverpool.
  • Liverpool is home to the largest shopping center in Europe, Liverpool One.
  • Watch a football match, with two premiership teams from Liverpool you’re never far away from good quality football.


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