Why UK

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October 5, 2017 | Uncategorized

Why Manchester?

Manchester has been on the global investment radar for some time due to its regeneration the city centre has grown into a vibrant and cultural diverse environment. Aided by the relocation of BBC it has become a hub for young professionals and Media companies.

  • 800 Million airport expansion plan
  • 60,000 new homes by 2027
  • 98% rental occupancy in 2015
  • Home of Manchester United and Manchester City

Why Birmingham?

As Britain’s second city more people moved to Birmingham from London than any other city in 2015. HSBC has chosen Birmingham for their new headquarters making the Jewerly Quarter a growing cosmopolitan area which can boast of the most Michelin Starred restaurants outside of London.

  • 20% Capital Growth
  • 6%-7% Rental yield
  • 8 Billion investments in infrastructure and ‘Big City Plan’
  • Construction of HS2 train will make a typical London journey 45 minutes

Why Liverpool?

Liverpool has been famous among football and music fans for decades but what really makes it the city for investment the growing population of both domestic and international students. There is continuing demand for new student property, and in particular high-quality student accommodation.

  • Economy has grown 71.8% since 1995
  • 150-million-pound generation scheme
  • •5 universities
  • •Rental yield of up to 5%

Why Bristol?

Bristol is one of the most productive big city economies in the UK, with Aerospace, KPMG and Osbourne Clarke all having a presence. The city itself has seen an equal influx of student and professional movement ensuring growth within property investment rental yields and prices.

  • New high-speed rail to Paddington in 77 minutes
  • Local Economy of 13.6 billion
  • University of Bristol Ranked in the top 100 of all four-global ranking
  • 9% growth in Property on average in 2017